2019-2020 PRSA Executive Council Nomination Form

2021-2022 PRSA Executive Council Nomination Form

Members of the Executive Council are elected to serve multiple year terms. The Secretary, Communications Officer and Treasurer are elected to serve 2-year terms. The President/Vice President is a 4-year term. Members at large are elected to 4-year terms. Student Members-at-Large are elected to 2-year terms. The Secretariat is a 5-6 year commitment. Please complete this form is you are interested in serving in the PRSA Executive Council. The selection of all positions (except the Secretariat) is contingent on being elected by the PRSA membership.
  • Please provide a summary of your qualifications for the position you are seeking (visit the By-Laws for a description of the position sought).
  • Please provide any relevant biographical information for the position that you are seeking.