What is PRSA?

The Puerto Rican Studies Association for Research Advocacy and Education, Inc. (PRSA) is a non-profit professional organization founded in White Plains, New York, in 1992. It brings together scholars, educators, public policy experts, community activists and students whose work focuses, at least partially, on Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans in the United States, or both.
PRSA members, numbering several hundred, represent virtually all fields of research and teaching in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts, including Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, Demography, Economics, Educational Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology, Studio Arts, Theater and Dance, and Urban Planning, among others.

Most of our members work within specific disciplines such as those above, but a large number are also engaged in thoroughly interdisciplinary research and teaching in fields such as Critical Legal Studies, Critical Race Studies, Environmental Studies, Film Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Public Health, Public Policy, Queer Studies, and Women Studies, among others.

Similarly, while many of our members work primarily in the study of Puerto Rico or Puerto Ricans in the U.S., many others work in broader fields with regional orientations and comparative dimensions, such as Latin American Studies, Caribbean Studies, Latino/Latina Studies, American (U.S.) Studies, as well as African-American and African Studies.

PRSA’s Biennial Conferences

Since 1994, PRSA has organized a Biennial Conference in which its members present their latest work in scholarly and applied research, pedagogy, creative arts and community activism.

The conferences are also a venue for the professional development of new generations of scholars, whether graduate students or assistant professors, by offering them the opportunity to present their research findings and develop networking links with senior scholars. PRSA also organizes separate professional development workshops for junior faculty and advanced graduate students.

In addition, PRSA’s conferences provide opportunities for the exhibition of films and other art works with Puerto Rican themes, as well as a space for academic, non-profit and trade publishers to showcase their latest publications in Puerto Rican Studies and related fields, such as LatinoLatina Studies, Latin American Studies and Caribbean Studies.
For more details about the conferences, please examine the Conference section of this website using the menu that appears below the masthead banner. Our aim is to post there all relevant information about each PRSA conference as we continue the process of obtaining copies of conference documents from colleagues who attended them or held positions of leadership in PRSA at that time.

If you, or someone that you know, have copies of any conference documents, such as Calls-for-Papers, Conference Programs, Post-Conference Reports, or any other type of documentation, including photos, please contact us as soon as possible using the electronic form available in the Contact form page.

Documenting the history of PRSA, and of the Puerto Rican Studies field in general, is among one of the important goals of this new website.

PRSA’s Leadership

Management of PRSA rests with its Executive Council, which is elected at each Biennial Conference. Our new By-Laws, approved during the 2010 Conference in Hartford, Connecticut, specify in substantial detail the duties and authority of the Executive Council and its principal officers. Please visit the sub-section titled Governance for more details.