The Puerto Rican Studies Association for Research Advocacy and Education, Inc. (PRSA) is a non-profit professional organization constituted by a broad group of college and university faculty and students, applied research and support professionals in fields ranging from education to public policy, and artists and community activists.

PRSA members represent virtually all fields of research and teaching in the Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts, including Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, Demography, Economics, Educational Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Studio Arts, Theater and Dance, and Urban Planning, among others.

Given the emergence of interdisciplinary epistemologies in recent decades, a substantial number of PRSA members combine discipline-based work with thoroughly interdisciplinary approaches to a myriad of research themes. In addition, most U.S.-based PRSA members are active in interdisciplinary departments, programs and institutes ranging from those with a regional or ethnic focus, such as Latin America, Caribbean, and Latina\Latino Studies, to thematic programs where interdisciplinary theories and methods are a defining feature, such as Africana and African Diaspora Studies; Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies; Film Studies; and Urban Studies, for example.

In other words, PRSA welcomes new members with widely diverse intellectual and professional backgrounds and interests.


What PRSA Offers You 

Our biennial conferences provide a venue for the professional development of new generations of scholars, whether graduate students or assistant professors, by offering them the opportunity to present their research findings and develop networking links with senior scholars. In addition, PRSA also organizes separate professional development workshops for junior faculty and advanced graduate students.

Beginning in 2011, PRSA also organizes an annual odd-year Business Meeting, mandated by its new By-laws approved in 2010.


Becoming a PRSA Member

We sincerely hope that you feel as enthusiastic as we do regarding PRSA’s current and future development efforts and, therefore, we invite you to join our association as soon as possible. Doing so today would allow you to be part of its transformation into a professional organization for the 21st century. To become a member please click here or visit our go to our membership link located in the main page.


2016 PRSA Membership Fee Structure:

Assistant Professor from the Global North $50
Associate Professor from the Global North $70
Full Professor from the Global North $90
Emeriti Faculty and Faculty from the Global South $40
Students, Lecturers, Adjuncts, and Unemployed Scholars, and PR Resident $20
Puerto Rico Faculty $30
Institutional Membership $150
Lifetime Membership $1,000


Frank Bonilla Biennial Book Award               Open

Biennial Dissertation Award                           Open


PRSA Email Subscription:

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