PRSA 2018 Biennial Conference Online Submission Form

The deadline for all submissions is 12 February 2018

Instructions for Submission:

To promote inclusivity, each individual is limited to one presentation per conference, excluding service as a panel moderator or roundtable chair.

Please submit ONLY ONE proposal among the categories below:

  1. Propose an Individual Paper Presentation- Not as part of a completed panel
  2. Propose a Panel (3-4 participants + moderator)
  3. Propose a Roundtable (3-4 participants + moderator)
  4. Propose a Workshop or Creative Presentation
  5. Propose a Work-In-Progress (WIP) Presentation
  6. Book Reviews, Presentations, or Discussions


Please be advised that AV projectors will NOT be available for Panels, Roundtables, Workshops, or Works-In-Progress (WIP) presentations.

Thanks for participating in the PRSA 2018 Biennial Conference!