PRSA 2018 papers, panels, workshops


PRSA 2018—Rutgers University

October 26‐28, 2018


Semi-Final Working Draft Program for Printer. Pending one more check to see if participants have registered for the conference.

Thurs 25 October  
Pre-Conference Graduate Student Mentoring Workshop Rutgers Inn A
·       Virginia Sánchez-Korrol (Professor Emerita, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, Brooklyn College)

·       Jason Cortés (American Studies, Rutgers University)

·       Alessandra Rosa (Sociology, University of South Florida)

·        Jorell A. Meléndez-Badillo (History, Dartmouth College)

LASA-Puerto Rico Section Informational Session Rutgers Inn A
Welcome Open House and Registration Rutgers Inn Dining Room
Concert: Saxophonist Yosvany Terry and his Afro Cuban Sextet—Sponsored by the Rutgers Center for Latino Arts (CLAC) Douglass Student Center
Friday 26 October  
OPENING PLENARY: Anthropological Perspectives on Colonialism, Economic Crisis, and Disaster in Puerto Rico; Session I: Higher Education, Racism, Health and Death Trayes Ballroom
The University of Puerto Rico Under Siege Rima Brusi
The open question of race: non-sovereign scripts and messy racial subjectivities in contemporary Puerto Rico Isar Godreau
Managing Infectious Disease: Reproduction Health and Zika Virus in Puerto Rico. Lisa Figueroa-Jahn
Making Death Count(s) in the Colony Marisol LeBrón
Moderator/ Discussant: Isar Godreau, University of Puerto Rico, Cayey  
Crisis, Identity, Texts DSC Room B
La emergencia colectiva en la poética de subtropical dry de Nicole Cecilia Delgado Judith Sierra-Rivera
In Search of Belonging: Navigating Racial and Gender Insecurity in Judith Ortiz Cofer’s The Line of the Sun. Elizabeth Garcia
Musical Constructions DSC Lounge
Aguanile: Hector Lavoe, Marc Anthony and Amina Gautier after Hurricane Maria Frances Aparicio
“Puerto Rico es Salsa:” Nation Branding and Puerto Rico’s “(un)freedom” on Display at Expo 92 Marisol Negrón
Economics of Disaster DSC Room C
From “Goudougoudou” to Maria: Disaster, Catastrophe, Capital in the Caribbean: Lessons from Haiti and Puerto Rico Jana Braziel
Multidimensional effects of external policy on maritime transportation under cabotage regulation William Suarez II
Recuperando la Tierra: el Rol de la Agroecología y Soberanía Alimentaria durante la Crisis Económica en Puerto Rico Yarma Velazquez
Book Forum: DSC Room A
In Search of Belonging: Latinas, Media, and Citizenship Jillian Baez
Old/New Migrations and Mobility DSC Room E
Where are Puerto Ricans Moving? Comparing Puerto Rican Dispersion in Old and New Destinations Gilbert Marzan
Decision-Making and Integration of Middle-Class Puerto Rican Migrants in Houston, Texas and New York City, NY Mario Mercado-Diaz
Puerto Rican’s Occupational Shift after the Great Resection in New England Gabriel Aquino
Lunch, Awards Ceremony and Presidential Address Trayes Ballroom
Education, Migration and Crisis DSC Room A
The Dismantling of the University of Puerto Rico: The End of an Era? Brenda Domínguez-Rosado
Language Learning and Imagined Futures:   Changing Islander Attitudes Toward English and Spanish in the Context of Crisis Sherina Feliciano-Santos
Jayuya, Rantoul, y la Prensa Escrita: Distinct Representations of Migration to New Destinations in the 21st Century Lisa Ortiz
Expressions of Identity in Cultural Production DSC Room B
“To stay free is not theoretical”: Miguel Algarin’s Theory of Spatial Practices, Frank Espada’s Photography, and Nuyorican Poetry Sara Davis
Sissy that Boricua: Negotiating Multifarious Ricanness in RuPaul’s Drag Race Carmelo Esterrich
Cuando las gallinas mean: infancia y la gran familia puertorriqueña en el cine contemporáneo Sandra Casanova-Vizcaíno
Thinking through the storm: Theorizing Puerto Rico in times of ‘crisis’ DSC Room C
Community Land Trusts in the Time of Disaster Capitalism Algoed Line
Transforming the food system in Puerto Rico from the ground up Georges F. Félix
It Takes a Hurricane: Energy Democracy for Puerto Rico Antonio Carmona Báez
Moderator/Discussant: José A. Laguarta Ramírez, John Jay College, CUNY
Changing the Narrative: Children’s and Young Adult Literature from the Diaspora DSC Room E
Bringing Stories to Life: Dynamic, Dramatic y a la larga distancia. Raquel M. Ortiz Rodríguez
Wonder Women, Outlanders, and Troubled Teens: Exploring Young Adult Literature from the Diaspora. Virginia Sánchez Korrol
Moderator/Discussant: Antonio Nadal, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Dreaming of Freedom: Rethinking Puerto Rican Radical History DSC Lounge
Strike Against Labor: The 1933 Student Strike at the University of Puerto Rico Jorell Meléndez-Badillo
Borichevism: Communist Internationalism, Regional Radical Networks, and Local Radicalism in the Global Context, 1919-1943 Sandra Pujals
The Proyecto Piloto, Fifty Years Later: Intergenerational Organizing in Puerto Rico Sandy Plácido
Moderator/Discussant: Margaret Power, Illinois Institute of Technology
Responses to Crisis DSC Room B
Puerto Rican Pentecostal Resiliency: Challenges of the Past and Post-Hurricanes Irma and María Maria Perez y Gonzalez
Pepino Power(s): Re-imagining place, infrastructures, and community in the Post-María Context Rebio Diaz Cardona
La autodefensa ante la inseguridad social: La tenencia legal de armas de fuego y su entramado con la precariedad del Puerto Rico contemporáneo Rafael Boglio Martínez
Collective Autogestión: Puerto Rican Artists and Scholars Combating Colonialism DSC Lounge
“Autogestión en Vueltabajo: Pintando las Calles and (Re)building Puerto Rico” Karrieann Soto Vega
“Off the Grid Puerto Rico: empowering communities through renewable energy” Gretchen Ruiz Ramos
“Nostalgia y Resistencia in Artistic Engagement” Pedro Vélez
Moderator/Discussant: Soto Vega, Syracuse University
Response, Emergency Management and Reconstruction DSC Room C
Chicago to Puerto Rico Solidarity Brigades: Bringing Together Uncommon Partners to Support the Grassroots on the Basis of Solidarity Miguel Alvelo
Puerto Rican Veterans and Service Members in the Post-Maria Reconstruction Harry Franqui-Rivera
Restoring Puerto Rico’s Electricity System Post-Maria: The Role of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Efforts Carlos Yordan
Book Forum DSC Room A
The myth of the “legión de propietarios” in Puerto Rico, 1900-1940 Cesar Ayala
  Laird Bergad
Moderator/Discussant: Teresita Levy, Lehman College, CUNY
The MPI-PSP in the U.S.: New Research and New Reflections DSC Room E
“The ¡Despierta Boricua! Recovering History Project” Carmen Vivian Rivera
“From Pamper Rojo Toddler to Youth Activism and Beyond” Lenina Nadal
“The Struggles to Save Hostos Community College, 1976-78: A Participant’s Testimonio” Victor Vazquez-Hernandez
“A Personal Story and Assessment of the PSP as a force for social change” José E. Velázquez Luyanda
Moderator/ Discussant r: Carmen Vivian Rivera, Access Strategies for Social Change
School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Reception/Music DSC- LOUNGE
Co-Sponsored Public Panel: “The Myth of Freely Chosen Status:” What the Historical Record Shows About Government Persecution of Puerto Rico’s Independence Movement”

Cosponsored by Juan Gonzalez, Richard D. Heffner Professor of Communications and Public Policy and Professor of Professional Practice in Journalism and Media Studies, Rutgers School of Communication and Information

TRAYES Ballroom


The Gag Law Ivonne Acosta-Lespier
Lessons for the Independence Movement from Decades of Government Repression Oscar Lopez Rivera
Surveillance of the Young Lords by the New York Police Department Johanna Fernandez
Saturday 27 October
Contexts of Colonial/Anticolonial Histories DSC Room B
The Bicentennial without Colonies and the Limits of Latino-led Left Coalitions Alyssa Ribeiro
“We are for the Independence of Any and All Peoples:” The Unexpected History of the American League for Puerto Rico’s Independence, 1942-46 Daniel Elkan
Puerto Rico, U.S. Colonialism, and Inter-American Relations, 1898-1933 Micah Wright
En estado de emergencia: narrativas, representaciones e imaginaciones  del desastre de la Guerra Fría al Huracán María DSC Lounge
Las atmósferas y las metáforas:  El huracán María como evento comunicativo (Puerto Rico 2017) Silivia Alvarez Curbelo
De nubes nucleares a vientos huracanados: algunas reflexiones sobre el manejo de emergencias y el imaginario de la catástrofe en Puerto Rico Manuel Rodríguez Vázquez
De la paz de los suburbios al calvario de María, 1961-2017 Jorge Lizardi Pollock
Theorizing Catastrophe DSC Room C
Economic State of Exception and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico:  Disaster Relief as Legalized Colonial Theft Jose Atiles-Osoria
Decolonial Attitudes in times of Catastrophes: How the Puerto Rican’s (re)construct power in the Post-María scenario. Luis Beltrán-Álvarez


University of Connecticut


The Catastrophization of Politics in Post-María Puerto Rico Felix Padilla-Carbonell


University of Connecticut


DSC Room A
Resisting Displacement in the Twenty-First Century (Afro) Puerto Rican Nation DSC Room E
Defining Ourselves for Ourselves: Combating Gentrification in Bushwick Christopher Colon
Re-membering Cangrejos: Analyzing Constructions of Blackness in Puerto Rico Chayanne Marcano
[Afro]future: The Natural Hair Movement among Afro-Puerto Ricans Wendyliz Martinez
Moderator/Discussant: Vanessa Valdés, City College CUNY
Theorizing Cultural Production After the Disaster: Catastrophe, Disposability, and Precarity Politics DSC Room B
De precariedades y plagas, medicina y religión en Esa antigua tristeza de José Borges Angel Rivera
“Eso siempre es el Caribe: el futuro de la modernidad:” Un acercamiento decolonial a Caja de Fractales de Luis Othoniel Rosa Stephanie Mercado-Irizarry
Hacia una ecología de saberes literarios luego de la catástrofe Guillermo B. Irizarry Díaz
Puertopia: Disposability, Indebted Subjectivity, and the Crypto Utopians Jason Cortes


Rutgers University


Moderator/Discussant: Jennifer Caroccio
Socially Regulating Puerto Ricans in New York City: Socio-Historical Perspectives DSC Lounge
Farther Outside the Margins: Puerto Ricans, Black and Latinx Shelter Homelessness in New York City and the Ongoing Production of Dependency from the 1980s to the Present Odilka Santiago
Capitalist State-Led Displacement in Loisaida and Chinatown, New York City, 1965-2018 Kai Wen Yang
Journalism, Politics, Representation DSC Room C
The Puerto Experience in New York City during the 1950s as Portrayed in the New York Times Carlos Sanabria
Jesús Colón, the Young Lords Party, and the Foundations of the Alternative Press Regina Mills
De La Manga: Autonomous Projects and Structural Constraints in Post-Maria Puerto Rico DSC Room A
Solidarity in the contact zone: Libros Libres as decolonial pedagogy Aurora Santiago-Ortiz
No se puede comer aire Adriana Garriga-López
Salud es la base de nuestra resistencia: community care and relational culture building in post Maria Puerto Rico Melissa Rosario
Moderator/discussant: Marisol Lebrón
Boricua Transformations: Migration, Place, and the Politics of Belonging in Central Florida DSC Room  E
The Latinization of Orlando: Race, Class and the Politics of Place Simone Delerme
“This building is your island in Orlando”: Local and translocal in Puerto Rican place-making in Orlando, Florida Patricia Silver
Florida Puerto Ricans in the Current Immigration Landscape Ariana Valle
Beyond Crisis: Puerto Rican Activism in Orlando Julie Torres
Moderator/Discussant: Ana Ramos-Zayas, Yale University
Lunch and Keynote Presentation Trayes Ballroom
Jose Caraballo Cueto–“The Exacerbating Effects of Hurricanes Maria and Irma on Puerto Rico’s (Broken) Economy”  
Island Histories DSC Room B
A Legitimate Part of this World: Perspectives Regarding the ROTC at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, 1969 Aura Jirau
Nevertheless, She Persisted: Women Workers, Minimum Wages, and Crises in Puerto Rican Labor and Politics, 1937-1940 Anne Macpherson
De Puerto Rico para el Mundo: Preparing for the Quincentenary Celebrations, 1985–92 Joanna Camacho Escobar
Anthropological Perspectives on Colonialism, Economic Crisis, and Disaster in Puerto Rico; Session II-Governance and Resiliency DSC Lounge
María’s Uncounted: Accounting for Boricua Subalternities in the Face of (Un)natural Disasters and (Il)legitimate Debt Colonialism José I. Fusté
Authenticating Loss: FEMA and the politics of colonial disaster management Sarah Molinari
#PRSeLevanta: imperial storms and the politics of resilience Yarimar Bonilla
Moderator/Discussant: Isar Godreau, University of Puerto Rico, Cayey/ Ismael Garcia Colon, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Cultures and Traumas DSC Room C
Ave María: navigating emotional and vicarious trauma after a natural disaster Alessandra Rosa
Envisioning Empowerment: Recodifying the Meaning of Historical Trauma in the Flesh Roberta Hurtado
‘Si… no pudiera hacer arte, me iba’: Aesthetic responses to disaster Carlos Rivera Santana
La Condición Aislada: Hurricanes as a Metaphor Through the Work of Frances Gallardo Bettina Pérez
Roundtable DSC Room A
Legitimate and Appropriate Steps to Follow in Approving Funding Requests for Puerto Rican Relief Projects Nelia Olivencia
James Tinjum
PR Relief Madison, WI
Brooklyn College Roundtable DSC Room E
Organizer: Reynaldo Ortiz, Brooklyn College Reynaldo Ortiz


Brooklyn College

Workshop DSC Room D
Preliminary Findings of Governor Post’s 1909 Survey of Puerto Rican Elites Charles Venator Santiago


University of Connecticut


  Stavros Papadopolous


University of Connecticut


Discussants Carlos Vargas-Ramos


  Hector Cordero
  Edgardo Meléndez
Citizenship, Labor, the State and Puerto Rican Migration to the United States DSC Lounge
Beyond Transnationalism: Puerto Rico’s Farm Labor Migration Ismael García Colón
The Role of State Actors in Puerto Rico’s Long Century of Migration (1899-2015) Carlos Vargas-Ramos
Colonialism, Citizenship and Puerto Rican Migration to the United States Edgardo Meléndez
Moderator/Discussant: Xavier Totti, Lehman College, CUNY
Mayaguez: RUM Research on Resilience and Trauma in Flooded Areas DSC Room B
Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in residents of communities vulnerable to flooding Mayagüez after Hurricane María Angelica Diaz Gonzalez
Attitude and characteristic of resilience that presents a in sample of residents of vulnerable communities in Mayagüez after Hurricane Maria Laiana Lugo Santorini
Book Forum: DSC Room D
The Great Woman Singer: Gender and Voice in Puerto Rican Music Licia Fiol-Matta
Retrospectives on the Puerto Rican Movement in the Diaspora: 1960s-1980s DSC Room E
Revisiting the Significance of the Young Lords in the Sixties and Today Johanna Fernández
“The Puerto Rican Student Union and Decolonial Praxis at the City University of New York Ricardo Gabriel
El Comité-MINP: Vision, Strategy and Practice during the 1970s Fiscal Crisis Rose Muzio
Theory and Practice in the PSP-US Branch Andrés Torres
Moderator/Discussant: Victor Quintana, New York Foundation
Reception with exhibit: Las Tres Hermanas, Art, Education and Activism—The work of Evelina Antonetty, Lillian Lopez and Elba Cabrera in New York City—Rutgers Center for Latino Arts and Culture 172 College Ave.
PRSA Membership Meeting and Forum TRAYES Ballroom
Sunday 28 October
Work-In-Progress Forum: DSC Room B
Community Response, Necropolitics and Diasporic Hope in Comic Biography Ghetto Brothers: Warrior to Peacemaker Jennifer Caroccio
Boricuas NC (North Carolina) Luis Fernando Olivieri-Robert
Educational Effects of Displacement on Puerto Rican K-12 Students in Florida Post-Hurricane María Molly Hamm Rodriguez
  Astrid Sambolin Morales
Cultural Expressions of Puerto Rican Resistance, Accommodation and Affirmation DSC Lounge
‘Si… no pudiera hacer arte, me iba’: Aesthetic responses to disaster Carlos Rivera-Santana
Navigating Insecurities: Crisis, Power, and Protest in Puerto Rican Communities Omar Ruiz-Vega
Emancipatory Perspectives and Teacher Identity Elizabeth Taveras Rivera
Housing Genres: Concerned Citizens of North Camden (CCNC) 1978-1990 Mercy Romero
Reimagining the Nation in Crisis: Sexual, Gender, and Diasporic Identities DSC Room C
Puerto Rican Mother Figures in the Works of Luis Rafael Sanchez Elena Valdez
De la casa nacional al cabaret: subjetividades periféricas en Conversaciones con Aurelia de Daniel Torres Jonathan Montalvo
Fotos de Maria: Ecos del pasado Ivette Guzmán Zavala
How Climate Change Challenges the Nation: Lessons from Maria. John Hinshaw
Moderator/Discussant: Ivette Guzmán Zavala, Lebanon Valley College
Roundtable DSC Room A
Lessons from the Puerto Rican Community Archives: Undergraduate Researchers at the Newark Public Library Lilia Fernandez
Yesenia Lopez
Luz Sandoval
Amy Castillo
Aziel Rosado
Kevin Rosero
DSC Room E
Puerto Ricans and the Urban Crisis, 1960s-1990s DSC Room B
A Chalk Line on Third Avenue: Puerto Rican Riots in US Cities, 1960s-1970s Aldo Lauria Santiago
From “underclass” to “they take our jobs”: Urban crisis and the changing narratives of Latino labor Llana Barber
Puerto Ricans and Welfare Rights Activism Emma Amador
Puerto Rican Purchasing Power: Consumer Activism in Philadelphia, 1960s to 1970s Alyssa Ribeiro
Evolving explanations of Puerto Rican Poverty on the Island and the Mainland Hector Cordero
New Perspectives on Puerto Rican Nationalism DSC Lounge
Playing for Freedom: Nationalism and Olympic Sport in Puerto Rican History Antonio Sotomayor
Puerto Rican Nationalism: Transnational, Progressive, and Diasporic Margaret Power
Looking for a Way Forward in the Past: Lessons from the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party Monica Jimenez
Puerto Rican Nationalism in Crisis and Diaspora:  Lessons from the 1960s Michael Staudenmaier
Moderator/Discussant: Xavier Totti, Lehman College, CUNY
Disasters, Capitalisms, Responses DSC Room C
The Vulture Funds presently behind Fiscal Control Board runs P.R. colonial administration W.F. Santiago-Valles
Capitalism:  Gobbling Up the Cultures of the People of Puerto Rico and Ireland Nelia Olivencia
Sólo el Pueblo Salva al Pueblo: Disaster Response and Community Empowerment in Post-María Puerto Rico Roberto Vélez-Vélez
Roundtable: DSC Room A
Puerto Rican Scholars and Collective Trauma:  Implications for Conducting Fieldwork in the Midst of Hurricanes Irma and Maria
  Gloria Colom
  Melinda Gonzalez
“’Chicago Dice Presente y Responde’: Community Mobilization in the Aftermath of Irma and Maria” DSC Room E
“A Year of Joy and Sorrow: Reflections of 2017,” Jose Lopez
“Rebuilding and Sustaining Independent Journalism in the Aftermath of María: The Case for Periódico Claridad, el Periódico de la Nación Puertorriqueña” Madeline Troche-Rodriguez
“Profiles of Evacuees in Chicago and Community Responses to Hurricane Maria.” Marixsa




“Puerto Rican Community Organizations and Disaster Recovery: The View from San Juan” Ivis Garcia Zambrana
Moderator/Discussant: Ivis Garcia-Zambrana, University of Utah
Lunch and Grassroots Activists Roundtable Trayes Ballroom
Sandra Pagán Gallardo – Brigada Solidaria del Oeste (BSO)
Omar Reyes Patxot – CAM-Bucarabones Unidos (CAMBU)
Martin Cobian- CAM-Jibaro, Lares (CAMJI)
Astrid Raquel Cruz Negrón- CAM-Utuado (CAM-U)
Moderators: Roberto Velez and Jaceline Villarrubia-Mendoza
Creative Workshop: DSC Room A
Diasporicans Decolonizing Academia/Decolonizing Diasporicans in Academia Jessica Pabón-Colón
Creative Workshop: DSC Room B
Desde abajo y desde adentro: Voces de cambio y acción en Puerto Rico pos-Maria Jacqueline  Villarrubia-Mendoza
Creative Workshop: DSC Room C
Toward a History of the Puerto Rican Diaspora Through Poetic Inquiry Angel Martinez
Creative Workshop: DSC Room E
Hurricanes and Other Not-so-natural-disasters  Ana Portnoy
Exit Reception Trayes Ballroom