PRSA at Rutgers University program

Schedule and Program for PRSA 2018 at Rutgers

Douglas Student Center, Rutgers University—New Brunswick, NJ Thursday, 25 October

Registration                                        1:00-5:00          RUTGERS INN DINING ROOM

Mentoring Workshop                       3:00-5:00          RUTGERS INN A

Welcome OPEN HOUSE                  5:30-6:30          RUTGERS INN DINING ROOM

Hospitality Suite                                10:00                  RUTGERS INN DINING ROOM

Friday, 26 October

9:00-5:00                                Check-In                             DSC-Lobby

8:00-9:00                               Breakfast                             TRAYES Ballroom

8:30-10:00                             Opening Plenary Panel     TRAYES Ballroom

SPECIAL OPENING PLENARY: Anthropological Perspectives on Colonialism, Economic Crisis, and Disaster in Puerto Rico; Session I: Higher Education, Racism, Health and Death

10:15-12:15                             Concurrent Panels 1          ROOMS: A B C D E

  • Crisis, Identity, Texts
  • Musical Constructions
  • Economics of Disaster
  • Book Forum: In Search of Belonging: Latinas, Media, and Citizenship
  • Old/New Migrations and Mobility

12:30-1:30                              Lunch and Awards/VP     TRAYES Ballroom

1:45-3:45                                 Concurrent Panels 2         ROOMS: A B C D E

  • Education, Migration and Crisis
  • Expressions of Identity in Cultural Production
  • Thinking through the storm: Theorizing Puerto Rico in times of ‘crisis’
  • Changing the Narrative: Children’s and Young Adult Literature from the Diaspora
  • Dreaming of Freedom: Rethinking Puerto Rican Radical History

4:15-6:15                                  Concurrent Panels 3         ROOMS: A B C D E

  • Responses to Crisis
  • Collective Autogestión: Puerto Rican Artists and Scholars Combating Colonialism
  • Response, Emergency Management and Reconstruction
  • Book Forum: The myth of the “legión de propietarios” in Puerto Rico, 1900-1940
  • The MPI-PSP in the U.S.: New Research and New Reflections

2:00-5:00                               Film screenings                           TRAYES Ballroom Schedule tba

6:15-7:00                                Dean’s Reception/Music            LOUNGE

7:00-8:30                               C0-Sponsored Public Panel       TRAYES Ballroom

Co-Sponsored Public Panel: “The Myth of Freely Chosen Status:” What the Historical Record Shows About Government Persecution of Puerto Rico’s Independence Movement”

Cosponsored by Juan Gonzalez, Richard D. Heffner Professor of Communications and Public Policy and Professor of Professional Practice in Journalism and Media Studies, Rutgers School of Communication and Information

Dinner on your own

8:30-10:30                             CineFest                                   RUTGERS INN

10:00                                       Hospitality Suite                     TBA

Saturday, 27 October

9:00-5:00                                Check-In                           DSC-Lobby

8:00-9:00                               Breakfast                           TRAYES Ballroom

8:30-10:30                              Concurrent Panels 4       ROOMS: A B C D E

  • Contexts of Colonial/Anticolonial Histories
  • En estado de emergencia: narrativas, representaciones e imaginaciones del desastre de la Guerra Fría al Huracán María
  • Theorizing Catastrophe
  • Book Forum: Puerto Ricans in the United States: A Contemporary Portrait
  • Resisting Displacement in the Twenty-First Century (Afro) Puerto Rican Nation

10:45–12:45                           Concurrent Panels 5          ROOMS: A B C D E

  • Theorizing Cultural Production After the Disaster: Catastrophe, Disposability, and Precarity Politics
  • Socially Regulating Puerto Ricans in New York City: Socio-Historical Perspectives
  • Journalism, Politics, Representation
  • De La Manga: Autonomous Projects and Structural Constraints in Post-Maria Puerto Rico
  • Boricua Transformations: Migration, Place, and the Politics of Belonging in Central Florida

1:00-2:00                                Lunch and Keynote           TRAYES Ballroom

  • Jose Caraballo Cueto–“The Exacerbating Effects of Hurricanes Maria and Irma on Puerto Rico’s (Broken) Economy”

2:15-4:15                                  Concurrent Panels 6         ROOMS: A B C D E Lounge

  • Island Histories
  • Anthropological Perspectives on Colonialism, Economic Crisis, and Disaster in Puerto Rico; Session II-Governance and Resiliency
  • Cultures and Traumas
  • Work-in-Progress Forum: Boricuas NC (North Carolina)
  • Building Puerto Rico’s resiliency: Learning from the past and other communities and developing new collaborations
  • Roundtable: Legitimate and Appropriate Steps to Follow in Approving Funding Requests for Puerto Rican Relief Projects

4:30-6:30                               Concurrent Panels 7          ROOMS: A B C D E

  • Citizenship, Labor, the State and Puerto Rican Migration to the United States
  • Mayaguez: RUM Research on Resilience and Trauma in Flooded Areas
  • Roundtable: The Partido Socialista Puertorriqueno: Rank and File Testimonies of Activism
  • Book Forum: The Great Woman Singer: Gender and Voice in Puerto Rican Music
  • Retrospectives on the Puerto Rican Movement in the Diaspora: 1960s-1980s

2:00-5:00                                Film screenings                                TRAYES Ballroom Schedule tba

Dinner on your own

8:00-9:30                               PRSA Membership Meeting           TRAYES Ballroom

6:00-7:30                                Reception with art CLAC Center for Latino Culture on College Ave.

10:00                                        Hospitality Suite                              TBA

Sunday, 28 October

8:00-9:00                             Breakfast                                       TRAYES Ballroom

8:00-10:00                           New Exec. Board meeting          LOUNGE

8:30-10:30                           Concurrent Panels 8                    ROOMS: A B C D E

  • Work-in-Progress Forum: Educational Effects of Displacement on Puerto Rican K- 12 Students in Florida Post-Hurricane María
  • Cultural Expressions of Puerto Rican Resistance, Accommodation and Affirmation
  • Reimagining the Nation in Crisis: Sexual, Gender, and Diasporic Identities
  • Roundtable: Lessons from the Puerto Rican Community Archives: Undergraduate Researchers at the Newark Public Library
  • Puerto Rican Communities in the US

10:45-11:45                             Concurrent Panels 9         ROOMS: A B C D E

  • Puerto Ricans and the Urban Crisis, 1960s-1990s
  • New Perspectives on Puerto Rican Nationalism
  • Disasters, Capitalism, Responses
  • Roundtable: Puerto Rican Scholars and Collective Trauma: Implications for Conducting Fieldwork in the Midst of Hurricanes Irma and Maria
  • “’Chicago Dice Presente y Responde’: Community Mobilization in the Aftermath of Irma and Maria”

12:00-1:30                       Islands Activists Roundtable         TRAYES Ballroom

1:30-2:30                         Workshops                                         ROOMS: A B C D E

  • Work-In-Progress Forum: Community Response, Necropolitics and Diasporic Hope in Comic Biography Ghetto Brothers: Warrior to Peacemaker
  • Creative Workshop: Diasporicans Decolonizing Academia/Decolonizing Diasporicans in Academia
  • Creative Workshop: Desde abajo y desde adentro: Voces de cambio y acción en Puerto Rico pos-Maria
  • Creative Workshop: Toward a History of the Puerto Rican Diaspora Through Poetic Inquiry
  • Creative Workshop: Hurricanes and Other Not-so-natural-disasters

Reception                                2:30-3:30                               TRAYES Ballroom

Departure                               3:00