PRSA Elections

    PRSA’s Executive Council is comprised of a Vice-President/President Elect who serves for two years in each capacity for a four-year combined term; the Secretary, Treasurer, and Publications and Communications Officer who serve for a period of two years; three Members at Large who serve four year terms; and Student Members at Large who serve for a period of two years.

    The Executive Council of PRSA holds regular meetings in person or via teleconference to discuss and make decisions on regular business matters that include organizing its conferences and other events, preparing a budget and managing its finances, recruiting potential candidates for future Executive Councils and its regular and ad hoc committees, and providing guidance and a long-term vision for the sustenance and growth of the organization.

    Elections are generally held the year before of a transition from one period to another, typically relying on the following calendar:

    • Call for Nominations issued during the late spring/early summer;
    • Publication of Nomination Results usually during the late summer (August);
    • Elections usually taking place in September;
    • A transition period (October -December);
    • And the commencement of a new term in January 1 of the new term.

    Please visit our By-Laws section for more information on the descriptions, expectations and responsibilities of each position.

    The elections are typically supervised by the acting Vice-President working in collaboration with members of an Elections Committee. Voting is limited to the membership. The PRSA Elections Committee (typically comprised of three people) will then supervise the elections and monitor the results. All results are available to the public and anyone interested in the results.

    For more information please contact the PRSA Secretariat, Charles R. Venator-Santiago (