PRSA July Conference Update

Dear PRSA colleagues,

Thanks for joining us in participating in this important conference!

Attached you will find two documents.  The first is a list of sessions and panels for the conference that includes special sessions, panels, one co-sponsored public panel, and workshops. It lists individual papers and panelist names.  The panels are not listed in any order.  The second is a schedule for the sessions and panels that also includes other events and meetings for the PRSA conference.

The special sessions are:

  • Pre-conference mentoring workshop for graduate students and untenured faculty.
  • SPECIAL OPENING PLENARY: Anthropological Perspectives on Colonialism, Economic Crisis, and Disaster in Puerto Rico
  • CineFest & Film Screenings  
  • Awards Ceremony and Presidential Address
  • Plenary Speaker: Jose Caraballo Cueto
  • PRSA Membership Meeting
  • Roundtable with grassroots activists from the islands

Inevitably, you will find that there are many “good” panels at the same time.  There is truly no way to manage different kinds of panels so they don’t compete with each other.  We minimized the number of sessions scheduled at any one time slot to five by scheduling a total of TEN time slots for panels and workshops. We also made sure that panels had two full hours for presentation and discussion.  Smaller workshops have one hour.   We hope that all of you will participate fully in all the different sorts of sessions through all three days of the conference. This includes the sessions scheduled for Sunday.  We did our best to finish the conference at a reasonable hour but we ask that you participate through to the end.  We will also need your help in managing the very brief transition time between panels and sessions.

  • If you are on the program and have not registered, please register now.  You will be removed from the final program if you don’t register.  Charles Venator will be reminding you individually if you have not registered.
  • Please don’t make requests for schedule changes.  This conference is large and has stretched our space and time resources.
  • Also, there are still rooms available at the Rutgers Inn.  If you want a full service hotel, make your reservation at the Heldrich Hotel (see past three conference announcements on web site for full details)
  • For Film screenings contact us ASAP.
  • Have you joined our facebook page? We post lighter news items there.
  • For renting a table or buying an advertisement in the final program for your department, program or business write to Alessandra Rosa (  Please help us out with this.  Contact your publishers or favorite journals and ask them to:
    • Rent a table
    • Buy an advert
    • Send a copy of your book for the book exhibit tables
    • Send us flyers.

Write me if you have any questions about the program or the conference (

Please help us distribute this to scholars and activists on the island.  We still have difficulty reaching many.

The final program will be available in September via email and in printed form at the conference itself.  The final program will include moderators and institutional affiliations (if we have them).

For full info on the association and the conference:



Aldo Lauria Santiago

Program Committee Chair